Effect of levan supplement in orange juice on weight, gastrointestinal symptoms

Nutrients. 2012 Jul;4(7):638-47.
Niv E, Shapira Y, Akiva I, Rokhkind E, Naor E, Arbiv M, Vaisman N.

Levan is a commonly used dietary fiber of the fructans group. Its impact on
health remains undetermined. This double blind controlled study aimed to
investigate the effect of 8 weeks’ daily consumption of 500 mL of natural orange
juice enriched with 11.25 g of levan compared to the same amount of natural
orange juice without levan on weight, gastrointestinal symptoms and metabolic
profiles of 48 healthy volunteers.

The statistical analyses compared between- and
within-group findings at baseline, 4 weeks and study closure. The compared
parameters were: weight, blood pressure, blood laboratory tests, daily number of
defecations, scores of stool consistency, abdominal pain, bloating, gas,
dyspepsia, vomiting and heartburn. Despite a higher fiber level recorded in the
study group, there was no significant difference in the effect of the two kinds
of juices on the studied parameters. Both juices decreased systolic and diastolic
pressures, increased sodium level (within normal range), stool number, and
bloating scores, and decreased gas scores. In conclusion, levan itself had no
effect on weight, gastrointestinal symptoms or metabolic profile of healthy
volunteers. Its possible effect on obese, hypertensive or hyperlipidemic patients
should be investigated in further studies.